We know that in an increasingly connected world, data collection is inevitable for the delivery of effective public services.

With large-scale digitalization, we are witnessing significant advances in productivity, transforming the way we interact, work, and also how governments operate. However, this growing reliance on technology also exposes us to increasingly sophisticated threats, highlighting the urgent need to address cybersecurity-related issues, especially when it comes to public systems that manage citizens’ data.

Institutional systems are often targets of cyberattacks, either by malicious hackers or by various actors seeking sensitive information for various purposes. Ensuring the security of these systems is not only a matter of operational efficiency, but also an ethical and moral responsibility to all.

The government’s role in protecting the confidentiality of information is critical to building a trustworthy digital society. We know that in an increasingly connected world, data collection is inevitable for the delivery of effective public services. However, this process must be accompanied by robust cybersecurity measures.

Failure to protect such information can result in disastrous consequences, from identity theft to compromising national security. Therefore, investing in Cloud security, data encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS), for example, is not only an option, but an essential and urgent task for all government agencies.

In addition to defense, the protection of privacy should be a non-negotiable priority. The public has a basic right to have their personal information protected, and the government should act as the great custodian of the data. Transparency is another crucial pillar in institutional cybersecurity, as people have the right to know how their information is collected, stored, and even used.

Currently, privacy stewardship is not a goal to be achieved, but a continuous process of adaptation and improvement. The government, as a central entity in the management of the country, must lead by example by investing in proper training for its employees, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and actively collaborating with digital security experts.

The notable increase in massive attacks across various industries highlights the urgency of strengthening government systems in terms of cybersecurity. Institutions should lead the way in adopting proactive measures to protect this information, preventing the numbers from remaining alarming by demonstrating that key sectors, such as education, the military, and health, continue to face threats from this modality.

The new invasive tactics, the frequent hacktivism-based attacks, along with a significant amount of ransomware targeting various companies and organizations, warn of a new wave of incidents, which are more sophisticated and massive. The good news is that there are already technologies to protect and prevent cyberattacks and, therefore, nothing justifies the absence of care.

Faced with this challenging scenario, it becomes even more essential to not only intensify investments in cutting-edge technologies, but also to promote close collaboration with digital security experts, since the rapid evolution of hacker tactics requires a proactive stance.

At the same time, given the challenges pointed out, the need to be transparent becomes even more essential. The population must be informed about the threats they face and the measures taken to protect their data, as building a bridge of trust between the government and the people is key to ensuring a collaborative approach in the search for effective solutions.

The protection of information in digital environments is important for building a resilient and just virtual society, as continued investment in these aspects not only strengthens national security but also preserves the core values of freedom, democracy, and respect for privacy. In this ever-evolving context, the government’s responsibility to ensure the cybersecurity and privacy of the population is an issue that cannot be overlooked.


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