What is information security?

Information security consists of a set of processes, tools, and methods to ensure protection against cyberattacks coming from accidental or intentional threats. In other words, it is a way to ensure the protection of data, whether from customers, employees or partners, something of great value to a company.

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3 reasons to invest in information security

Information security is a very important factor for companies, especially those that deal with and depend on data on a daily basis.

Despite this, few organizations bother to invest in prevention. So, here are three reasons why:

  1. Prevention of financial losses

The cost of a security breach is  quite high and investing in prevention is a strategy to ensure the financial health of the institution.

Another factor related to this issue is the brand image, after all, a vulnerable company that faces recurrent attacks usually has its value reduced in the market. In addition to driving away customers, shareholders and investors.

  1. Increased competitiveness

Investing in a solid security strategy makes the enterprise more competitive, as it shields operations and ensures that data is always intact for making the right decisions.

Another point is the increase in business intelligence, since the information stored also serves for the sales and marketing team to outline better oriented strategies.

  1. Reduction of vulnerabilities

Strengthening data security makes the company better prepared to deal with internal and external threats.

As a result, a culture of self-preservation is generated in which this issue is dealt with preventively, in addition to enabling the creation of contingency plans for a quick recovery if the company is the victim of a cyberattack.

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