Software-defined network management is the newest thing.

Blockbit, a global cybersecurity product company, announces that it has launched the SD-WAN functionality built into its network and security management platform, enabling more efficient connections between local networks, remote devices, and applications, Data Centers and Cloud and combining advanced security features to protect all types of communications.

“In today’s hyperconnected world, businesses need their networks to be more secure and always ready to take full advantage of the latest applications while ensuring the performance needed for everyday life. Our solutions offer these market demands and has as its differential a great cost-benefit to protect customers from cyber-attacks,” says Guilherme Araújo, Services Director at Blockbit.

Aligned with key market demands, the tool monitors and evaluates the performance of available links to define, through policies, quality parameters such as latency, packet loss and bandwidth consumption and establish better cost-benefit connections usage.

Operating from a single point of control, Blockbit’s SD-WAN feature eliminates the use of dedicated hardware in each installed environment and centralizes all network analysis, simplified and fast, without the need to replicate configurations at different points in the infrastructure.

In doing so, one can achieve greater visibility of information anywhere, with the help of comprehensive reports on network performance.

From a single management interface, our solution establiches communications between branches, data centers, cloud-based infrastructures and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in a simpler way, helping our customers obtain the best technology performance into their routines, says Araujo.

Unlike solutions that only enable intelligent balancing, Blockbit integrates SD-WAN capabilities with its platform to deliver advanced security capabilities to customers, including its intrusion prevention system, advanced threat protection, malicious application behavior assessment, and content.

The SD-WAN service also ensures secure connectivity with end-to-end encrypted data and a dynamic VPN service that supports Star and Full-Mesh topologies.

Other features present in the Blockbit SD-WAN tool include: redundancy based on performance indicators, band control through quality metrics and prioritization of critical services and dynamic routing.


With more than 5,000 clients, Blockbit is one of the leading manufacturers of cybersecurity solutions, empowering businesses to protect themselves against a wide range of threats, vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks, whether internal or external, generic or specific.