What will be your company’s main technology challenge in the next ten years? Going to the point, it would be no exaggeration to say that it will be information security. The explanation is quite simple: as businesses move on their journeys towards digital transformation, the importance of data and asset security that power systems and ultimately corporate decision-making will also grow.

Cybersecurity will be the challenge of the future of organizations. This does not mean, however, that corporate leaders have the option of waiting until the projections come true. Quite the opposite. The best way to prepare companies for what is to come is, precisely, to understand and solve the difficulties and gaps that operations now have in their day to day operations.

This topics is already present and impacts the corporate results daily. Anyone who is aware of the news has certainly seen a number of cases in which vulnerabilities and breaches have led to many cases of data leakage or theft.

It is precisely this perspective that has led hundreds of executive leaders from around the world to program themselves for the challenges their organizations will face in the coming years. According to market surveys, cybersecurity was already a major concern of Chief Executives Officers (CEOs) even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with the advancement of the use of Cloud Solutions and the greater decentralization of teams, it is natural that digital security will radically grow in its importance.

The fact is that chief executives see cybersecurity threats as one of their scariest and most complex challenges. A study by the World Economic Forum indicated that fear of cybersecurity attacks is now one of the biggest concerns for business growth of global leaders.

Information security is an inseparable factor from companies’ competitiveness and customer service experience. This is not a corporate issue that can be seen separately from productivity, sales and results strategies. Cybersecurity is, in the current scenario, an indispensable element in enabling companies to have a future.

But how, after all, is it possible to manage this issue? How should business and IT leaders position themselves to mitigate immediate and long-term risks in their operations? The answer to these questions requires a combination of efforts that include the adoption of modern tools specifically prepared to prevent and deter threats, and the creation of a sound organizational policy with data protection-focused practices.

The choice of technology, in this regard, is a fundamental step in this protection process. Having intelligent tools that add insights and visibility to brand management is essential to integrate security as a facilitator of innovation, advancement of supply and consumer care.

However, one will need to value information security specialists as well. In this regard, we can say that it is important to have specific professionals to monitor this issue and invest in the training of other employees, apparently not related to the topic, who can support the protection of companies’ data.

Of course, this request takes us to another challenge of organizations, which is to find the best talent. Overall, research points to the difficulty of filling cybersecurity positions. It is estimated that there is a gap of nearly 3 million cybersecurity experts worldwide.

Undoubtedly, this is a relevant and challenging issue. But it is worth pointing out that without the participation of companies, we will never have a solution. One will need to attack as soon as possible this lack of specialists, valuing the talents of the area and promoting the certifications and qualification of new groups of professionals. Setting up an engaged and skilled team with state-of-the-art technology is essential for now, but getting these young people to specialize is what will make the difference up front.

Companies should complement the investment in technology with actions that allow valuing people and stimulating the development of skills in their teams. Only then will they have a solid plan to make the cybersecurity of their operations more effective. Combining smarter, more professional security management solutions prepared to foresee and detect process failures are requests that cannot be left for tomorrow. The best strategy for data protection in the future is the one that begins now.


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