In the early years of using the internet, IT managers did not face great difficulties in defining what type of content employees could access within a corporate network. At that time, the use of a simple firewall was enough to identify and stop most malicious activities. However, with the advancement of new technologies over the years, the challenges of content filtering have also grown.

What is Web Filter?

The web content filter, also known as web filter, is a tool that makes it possible to monitor the websites accessed by users in the corporate environment.

Such a resource is essential for information security of any type or size of company, after all, most cyber threats arise from access to websites. It is also worth noting that many websites host malware capable of infecting devices, damaging them and/or hijacking data, putting the security of a company’s information at risk.

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How does Web Filter work?

In general, the web filter has two types of lists in its operation: the whitelist, responsible for releasing access, and the blacklist, which blocks access. The two lists can be configured and determined by the solution software.

However, it is not necessary to manage the two lists separately. There are two possible scenarios:

  • Release access and create a blacklist with denials;
  • Block all access and create a whitelist with permissions (best practice).

Benefits of Web Filter

More security

In addition to offering agility in controlling access to the internet, Web Filter also provides an additional layer of security. By identifying and blocking websites with malicious content, IT managers can focus on their activities with much more peace of mind.

Access Reports

Some web content filters have access reporting features – as is the case with Blockbit NGFW. This makes it possible to identify not only what employees are accessing, but also the average rate of bandwidth consumed, how long each of them stays on each site, among other features.

Highest in productivity

The filtering of the content accessed also optimizes the time and activities of employees. This is very important, as misuse of the internet can result in significant losses for the company.

Blockbit is the world’s largest manufacturer of network security solutions and provides Web Filter through Blockbit NGFW, a state-of-the-art, high-performance enterprise firewall that combines in a single solution advanced access controls and network segment protection,  including: web content filtering, deep packet inspection (DPI),  Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).


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